Exciting News

Exciting News!

I have some really exciting news I want to share. With such a tumultuous year, we can all use some good news for a change. At Protection Mennonite Church, we are celebrating an exciting season for our church. As many know we have been a church in this area for over 120 years, after much prayer and discussion, we are renaming our congregation to Grace Bible Church. Naturally, this will bring up some questions in the community, why the change? 

This change has been long in the making. We left our denomination years ago; we have been independent of any denomination for some time. As I look at the people God has brought to our congregation, I see our church as a spiritual quilt that is unique and beautiful. We have people with a Mennonite background of course, and cherish that rich history but also have those raised in Baptist, Methodist, Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and numerous other backgrounds. Some share my history of not growing up in the church. Others have experienced what I would call church hurt and are experiencing grace that, in time, will bring healing from that pain. Our world needs grace; I invite you to join us if you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, a movement of God beginning here in Protection. 

Part of this change is to better reflect to you, our community that we serve, who we are as a church, and what you should expect. We are not defined by a denomination but by being followers of Jesus. We have chosen the name of Grace Bible Church. 

Grace for its what we have all received freely from Christ, and this grace we will give freely to any who come to join us in worshipping the Name that is above every name. It is what separates us as Christians from the rest of the world. It offers hope, forgiveness, and community where the world offers despair, judgment, and hatred.

Bible for it is what we have always been about. We have always been a church centered on the teachings of the Bible. Our purpose statement is "To Know Christ and to Make Him Known". Whether that be through Sunday Morning Worship, Kids Bible Club, Men or Women Bible Studies, it's a part of who we are. As the Pastor of Grace Bible Church, I will preach and teach passionately from the Word of God. From time to time, I will step on your toes but promise never to break them, for we are all growing closer to Christ day by day. I want to invite you to join with us, to be a part of what God is doing in Protection at Grace Bible Church. 

As a pastor, I also want to apologize. At times, I recognize that church can be painful; whether my church in the past has hurt you, or another church, know that God loves you, the greatest gift anyone has ever given is celebrated at Christmas. 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

The Father sent the Son to die for you; the Son went to the cross with you in mind. He sent His Holy Spirit, which both gives us grace and also convicts us of our need to repent from our sins. This year, a year like no other, may it be the year you surrender all your burdens, shame, anxiety, all of it. Give it to God.

Come and experience the Grace of God as we encounter it in His Word, the Bible together as a Church.

Pastor Dillon Evans