August 21, 2020 Dillon Evans

Kid's Bible Club

Kid's Bible Club

Starts Sep. 9th

Protection Mennonite Church - Kids Club Starting Sept. 9th

Dear Parents,

As we have all experienced this has been a year of constant flux and change. Covid-19 has affected us all in various ways. The school year was cut short and had to go to an online format. It forced our businesses and churches to shut down and come up with alternative ways of meeting the needs of our community. As I am writing this letter, our local schools have re-opened with some safety measures such as checking fevers and requiring the wearing of masks. 

We have met with the leadership team and volunteers of Kids Club. Our approach will closely follow the school guidelines. We will take extra measures to ensure the safety of the kids. 

  • We will have the game time held outdoors for as long as the weather allows us to. 
  • Our volunteers will wear masks whenever it doesn’t interfere with their tasks. If there is a task that makes wearing a mask impractical then we will have at least 6 feet of distance between the volunteer and the kids.
  • We trust your judgment regarding your children and will leave the wearing of masks by the children up to each parent/guardian. 
  • During the lesson and singing time, the kids will be spaced out, we will have every other row of pews closed off.

There is not a 100% fool-proof approach to battling Covid-19. We will do our very best to keep everyone up to date. If the schools change to a Phase 2 or Phase 3 approach, we will adjust as necessary. We ask if your children have any symptoms such as a cough, fever, that you keep them home for that week. I will send out updates as time gets closer.

We ask you to fill out the registration & consent form.

A signed copy of this form is required for your child(ren) to attend Kid’s Club.


Pastor Dillon Evans

Helping you and your children to Know Christ and to make Him Known!